Why Pet Photography

This used to be a story about how special my old dog was and how I wish we had more photos of him, about how they preserve precious memories long after our beloved pets have left us. And it’s definitely important to value pet photos for this reason, I have at least 172,923 photos of my current dogs and every single one of them will be cherished when they’re no longer with us.

But that’s not it, not completely. Because photographing pets isn’t about sadness and loss. It’s about happiness. Love. Companionship. About playing endless games, tripping over them because they always want to be close, about winter snuggles and summer walks. About watching them grow and learn and love and be so thrilled to be alive.

Pets occupy a uniquely special place in our lives which isn’t that of a child, partner or a human friend and that deserves to be celebrated to the full. At Brown Dog Studio we’re all about capturing your pets at their very best, finding the expressions that make you warm and fuzzy, the goofy running faces, dignified poses and occasional moments of calm.

So ultimately the answer to “Why Pet Photography?” is because pets are joy and so are the photos of them. Join us for a shoot and we’ll talk about them (a lot), laugh at their antics, admire their beauty and make some great memories.

The Brown Dogs Delilah and Emmett – best friends when they’re not squabbling