Melbourne is a beautiful place and with the changing of seasons it provides almost unlimited scenery options. You may have some favourite spots and I’m always happy to discuss them, however I also have some wonderful locations to recommend if you’re feeling a little stuck for inspiration.

The Brown Dog Studio – is moving…

The studio is in the process of being relocated to a custom renovated caravan space in Eltham! It’s a few months away still, but in the meantime outdoor photos are still in full swing.

What makes the studio perfect for photo shoots? It’s a cosy place to relax with a coffee while your pet struts their funky stuff in front of the studio lighting. Excellent for the shy and nervous types as well as non-canine pets, it’s a calm, secure and quiet environment. There are also a variety of backdrop colours to choose from and some fancy props. If mother nature wasn’t so pretty there would be no reason to take photos anywhere else.

Old Olinda Golf Course, Dandenong Ranges

What was once a golf course has become a wonderful doggy paradise, with wide expanses of grass and trees and space to explore. There are times when you’ll have the place to yourself and can spend hours meandering or just looking at the scenery on one of the plastic chairs that others have left behind. Or a hammock if it’s the right season for it.

As an extra bonus, a coffee cart turns up a few days a week and there’s a brand new children’s playground nearby.

What makes it perfect for photo shoots? The scenery! It’s also an offlead area so for action shots and/or beautiful landscapes with dogs it’s ideal. You’re also in the Dandenongs so you can’t go wrong, it’s truly amazing up there.

Banksia Park, Heidelberg

Banksia Park is located behind the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Heidelberg. The light and scenery of the area has inspired artists for generations and it’s not difficult to see why – it’s gorgeous!

With an open sculpture garden that you can wander though with dogs, a fenced offlead park and no end of beautiful walks it’s a brilliant place to spend time with your pup.

What makes it perfect for photo shoots? The offlead area nearby allows dogs to burn off some silly and provide some action shots, while the trees and paths are just beautiful.

Beaches anywhere in Victoria

Less specific, sure, but there are so many to choose from. Torquay is a big favourite of mine, but anywhere sandy where dogs are welcome is perfect really.

Beaches usually conjure images of sunshine and surfing, but I believe that any weather is beach weather. Ok, maybe not torrential rain. But otherwise the coast provides year round beauty and opportunity for doggy adventures.

What makes it perfect for photo shoots? There are offlead and/or dog friendly areas all over Victoria and if you have a water loving hound it’s the perfect way to inspire some serious romping. The wide open spaces and beautiful landscapes don’t hurt either!