Charity Work

One of the objectives of Brown Dog Studio is to advocate for and support the work of Melbourne’s many amazing volunteer run pet rescues. These rescues have saved thousands of lives over the years, allowing them to become cherished furry family members instead of another tragic euthanasia statistic. The work can be heart breaking and hard, burnout is common and sometimes impossible to stop the influx of unwanted pets.

Despite this they keep going. Transporting animals across the state, constantly working to secure the donations that keep everything afloat, managing volunteers, fielding adoption requests, etc. The work is never done.

Brown Dog Studio’s part in this is small, but important – volunteering to take photos of the animals within Victorian Dog Rescue’s foster care network. Online profiles of dogs and cats have very little time to give potential adopters all the information they need to make a decision, and sometimes it’s the photo that seals the deal well before the description! Something about their appearance or expression just hits right in the heart and you just know you’ve found “the one”. Both of the brown dogs who give Brown Dog Studio their name were a part of this process and I’ll never forget their profile photos!

Woody – rescued by Victorian Dog Rescue and adopted out to a loving home in 2020